Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Year Four, Week 8 & 9 (164th and 165th Weekly Video!)

In this video:
*started B multi
*rash on his lower back...cause unknown
*hair washing is getting better!
*he's on to us! throwing out his injections every time he sees them
*new soap/bubble bath at bedtime
*gave me kisses!
*he let his OT cut his bangs!!!!
*his ABA her first hug! and it was unprompted!
*exploring his tongue and mouth, stimming. Chewing on paci tips

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Year Four, Week 7 (163rd Weekly Video!)

In this video:
*haven't been keeping up on brushing, affecting his sleep and SIB
*very up and down in mood, manic
*no iPad during ABA this week
*ran out of curcumin, substituted turmeric
*deleted Endless Reader app
*new diaper brand and size
*taught him to sign "jump" independently in less than 24 hours
*had to reschedule EEG

Monday, August 7, 2017

Year Four, Week 6 (162nd Weekly Video!)

In this video:
*ABA meeting at therapy center
*sensory aversion to his shoe?
*iPad dying an hour before bed = better sleep
*finished Motrin protocol
*attempted to phase out plastic cups and replace them with go.
*asking me to rub the inside of his mouth
*tolerating having the iPad for less time
*got his haircut...AT THE THERAPY CENTER
*we went to DISNEY

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Year Four, Week 5 (161st Weekly Video!)

In this video:
*Motrin protocol - keeps refusing AM doses
*Night waking - developmental leap? Lack of iPad before bedtime helps
*scalp input to prepare for upcoming EEG
*lack of diapers all day except to poop - going great! No more peeing all over the house!
*doing great with his cousins