Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Year Four, Weeks 3 & 4 (159th/160th Weekly Video!)

In this video:
*Sleep experiments: mommy, daddy, humidifier, socks, oils, etc
*random fevers continue
*started magnesium cream, no more epsom salt baths!
*water play = peeing on floors?
*brief bubble obsession
*steel cup (thermos) for water
*using spaceship tent
*choline, NAC, DDR, acetyl-carnitine and MB12 shots all missing at some point during the week
*back to "eating" doorknobs
*Pediatrician appointment
*stuck hands in poop diapers to explore smells
*still peeing everywhere, started taking away iPad when he takes off his diaper
*sleeping well as long as he has a fresh diaper before sleep

Monday, July 10, 2017

Year Four, Week 2 (158th Weekly Video!)

In this video:
*messed around with fish oil dose all week, landed on 2tsp daily, first thing in the morning
*started Kindergarten!
*played Wii at the ABA clinic
*so hyper! but so engaged
*daddy @ bedtime = MAGIC!
*signing "back" and "tummy"
*starting magnesium sulfate cream this upcoming week

Monday, July 3, 2017

Year Four, Week 1 (157th Weekly Video!)

In this video:
*started fish oil (Barlean's), possibly affecting sleep
*smiling for selfies and liking mirrors
*PT picked up his hair, and he LOVED it! No SIB that day
*refusing to keep on wet diapers
*asked for grapes
*new orange/frankincense oil
*playdate at a friend's house
*chewing/sucking on ALL the chargers!
*night wakings