Friday, May 6, 2016

Year Two, Week 45 (97th Weekly Video!)


In this video:
*replacement OT, doing well
*HATED the beach this past weekend, sensory overload?
*asking for sensory input to his jaw...forgot to mention, he's also (TODAY) started hitting himself on the top of the head and pulling his own hair. EXTREMELY sensory seeking and it has me concerned.
*restarted GABA
*sleep schedule is messed up...not sure if it's worth the effort to adjust it right now?
*so much praise from his therapists this week!
*NAC is absolutely affecting his moods and therapy performance, possibly also his sleep? (Note: he's still sleeping soundly, 10-12 hours nightly. The current "sleep troubles" is that it takes him about 2 hours to fall asleep instead of the typical 20 minutes)

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