Friday, April 22, 2016

Year Two, Week 43 (95th Weekly Video!)


In this video:
*Disney World! So many milestones!
*At the appropriate dose of Oncoplex
*back on NAC and choline after running out over the weekend
*boosted 5htp, we're NOT a melatonin family
*sleeping great but a bit lethargic...
*so SOCIAL! Really engaged with the people around him

I forgot to mention in the video, I'm trying to encourage new foods...I've offered quinoa crackers (nope!), strawberries (ate them after a while) and fried salami (BIG win!). He's also done GREAT in therapy, particularly practicing pointing and counting.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Year Two, Week 42 (94th Weekly Video!)


In this video:

*Started OncoPlex (Link to study HERE)
*Really rough start to the week, very irritable and lots of crying. VERY sensitive.
*Over the hump, way more engaged and "tuned in" now
*busted his chin with his balance ball

Monday, April 11, 2016

Year Two, Week 41 (93rd Weekly Video!)


In this video:
*being sick has affected his sleep
*doing just fine with the occasion 3 hour session
*hearing test follow-up
*MAPS appointment
*perfect bloodwork
*the topic of medication came up, but the answer remains NO for now
*new co-diagnosis: ADHD

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Autism Awareness, Acceptance, and the division it can bring...

With Autism Awareness month comes a lot of posts about acceptance. I find that like the autism spectrum itself, the range of "acceptance" is vast and can divide even parents of people with autism. I make no secret that I use biomedical interventions for my son, along with therapies and homeschooling, to help him achieve his maximum potential. There are also many parents that do not put their children in therapies, change their diets, etc because "they love their children as they are" and "Accept that autism is a part of them".

I think it's a matter of a double standard. Not to generalize, but many of the parents I've known that say "accept your child as is, don't FIX them" are parents of children that speak, feed themselves, and probably have a pretty good shot at living independent lives someday. My child is not there (yet), and I love him unconditionally, but I'm also going to make sure he has the best and easiest life possible. That doesn't make me "unaccepting" of my son. That makes me like any other parent that wants my child to be a self-sufficient grown-up.

Bottom line, we are all doing our best, and we all love our children. It's not a contest and we all have our way of encouraging and loving our kids, spectrum or not.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Year Two, Week 40 (92nd Weekly Video!)

This week in history seems to be a big one for me getting on my soapbox LOL...fair warning!



In this video:
*had so much fun on Easter!
*sensory wins!
*car in the shop, had to cancel some therapies :/
*signed a complete (simple) sentence!
*ate steak! But still not interested in pancakes...
*boosted his 5MTHF
*ready to see the specialist next week!
*Bubu is sick AGAIN
*Momma Bear claws came out this week...speak kindly and do not underestimate people! Especially children!