Thursday, May 28, 2015

Weekly Progress Video #48

Here's the link to last year's JMS Shoutout!

And if you're going to get your own 23andMe test, please CLICK HERE to buy it! (The price is the same for you, but you help Bu with a $20 donation courtesy of 23andMe when you buy your test using that link!)

In this video:
*JMS Fundraiser, Bu had such a great time!
*Started Iron supplements, might be making him fatigued and irritable?
*new form of Vitamin E
*Essential oils = homemade "Vicks" and maybe a glutathione boost?
*All the great sleep!…until not.
*Ghee may not be safe for CFD?
*23andMe testing
*Reader comments and questions…I'll get back to you all soon, I promise!

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