Thursday, April 9, 2015

Weekly Progress Video #41

I forgot to mention in the video, one of the results we got back was for Bu's MTHFR status… 

Apparently, he is "compound hetero" which means that I have one MTHFR mutation and his father has another, and he received copies of both from us. Long story short (because it's confusing to me, too) is that he has about 40% impairment of his MTHFR as a result of these mutations, so he can't use folic acid at all and needs far more methyl-folate than a typical person. We're hoping to do the 23&me test next month to get more in depth information about our genetic mutations and what they mean for the types of supplements we need. 

In this video:
*Officially done collecting specimens for all the MAPS labwork
*Asked hospital audiologist's about the test and sedation
*Bu has been FIGHTING sleep, maybe anxious or having nightmares?
*Climbing the couch to look at family photos
*Made BFFs with...a box of crackers?
*Playground "PT"
*BIG weekend ahead!
*Sensory win! Allowing and welcoming hair clips to prep for EEG
*Transition win! He was ok with a total schedule overhaul, including a brand new therapist

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