Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weekly Progress Video #33

Yay for typical toddler behavior! And BOO for typical toddler behavior! Here's Week 33!

I stumble on my words a bit, sorry! I'm sick and medicated, my brain is a bit foggy today ;) Also, I had to record in two different applications, which is why I become a mirror image of myself in the second half of the video LOL

In this video:
*reintroduced full dose of probiotics
*sleep is all messed up
*new sleep strategy/bed?
*peaches and kiwi! Yay, new-ish foods!
*his first undies (LOL)
*typical toddler tantrums...yay?
*more engaged in what he's watching and possibly "mimicking"?
*ATEC went back up :(

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