Thursday, February 26, 2015

Weekly Progress Video #35


BTW, Here's a link to another post where I mention the Ian's Chicken Nuggets, in case you're interested in what the package looks like.

In this video:
*Geneticist fail.
*much less screen time, asking on more outdoor time
*got our visual timer!
*using essential oils for sleep again
*choosing his dinner!
*big boy bed!
*switched from magnesium glycinate to magnesium aspertate

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Weekly Progress Video #34

I forgot to mention something in the video! We ordered Bu his full-size bed conversion, and it should be arriving on Monday! So there's a chance that I'll have better news (or even, eep! WORSE news!) regarding his sleep next week.


In this video:
*stimming by poking my eyes (again)
*walking on the outsides of his feet/shoes
*reintroduced P5P, folinic acid, niacinamide
*sleep is slightly improved
*prepping for the MAPS appointment
*we got photos laminated to start his PECS
*got the Nabi to help wean him off the ipad
*geneticist appointment coming up

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Weekly Progress Video #33

Yay for typical toddler behavior! And BOO for typical toddler behavior! Here's Week 33!

I stumble on my words a bit, sorry! I'm sick and medicated, my brain is a bit foggy today ;) Also, I had to record in two different applications, which is why I become a mirror image of myself in the second half of the video LOL

In this video:
*reintroduced full dose of probiotics
*sleep is all messed up
*new sleep strategy/bed?
*peaches and kiwi! Yay, new-ish foods!
*his first undies (LOL)
*typical toddler tantrums...yay?
*more engaged in what he's watching and possibly "mimicking"?
*ATEC went back up :(

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Weekly Progress Video #32

I forgot to mention in the video, I also reintroduced zinc and vitamin C already. I've been keeping very detailed notes on my phone about when I reintroduce things and what effect, if any, it has on his behavior…I'll be sure to share anything interesting that I might note.

In this video:
*Bu met his new speech therapist
*shaky week at therapy overall
*bloodwork complete!
*a gift for his former speech therapist
*SSI update
*spent all weekend removing his diaper!!!
*reintroduced 5htp, magnesium and epsom salt baths...then probiotics and fish oil
*tummy feeling better