Thursday, October 30, 2014

Weekly Progress Video #18

I forgot to mention something in the video that's a pretty big deal!

Bu used to be pretty easy going in terms of routine when he was more "in his own world", but the better he gets, the more aware he is…and the more he's come to expect certain things to happen in a certain way. For example, he knows that when we leave the therapy center, I can go north or south, but I always go south to drive home. If he notices that I'm pulling out of the spot in such a way that the car will end up pointing north, he LOSES IT.

Just to give you an idea of the attention he pays to details and our routine LOL

So yesterday, I had to go to the grocery store on the way home from therapy. I knew he was going to have a screaming/crying fit as soon as I made that turn on the street where the grocery store is instead of continuing straight to go to the house. Before we even came out of the parking space at therapy, I said to him, "Listen, Bu…we are going to go home. But first, we are going to the store. So store first, then home. First the store, then we go home. Ok?" Then I drove as usual, and when we were a couple of blocks from the turn, I said again, "Ok Bu, we are going to go to the store. First, we go to the store, then we go home, ok? Store, then home." He chatted something back to me, and sure enough, I made the left turn with no fuss from him. We turned into the parking lot, and he happily led me to a shopping cart so we could strap him in and we could shop.

It makes such a HUGE DIFFERENCE in our lives that he can now understand when we speak to him, and we can use this to prepare him for changes in his routine. Absolutely incredible. Such a small thing, and yet it makes such a huge difference for us all.

As always, you can click here to see this video on my YouTube channel if you can't see if above. And thanks for watching!

In this video:
*Pediatrician appointment
*boosted his folinic acid and B2, DMG update, considering TMG
*Throwing overhand!
*Compression Vest, weighted blanket
*LOTS of word approximations this week
*sensory and OT progress
*Therapy scheduling

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