Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Bubu's OT wanted to bake him cupcakes for his birthday this week, and I felt awful telling her he couldn't have it because of his special diet….so I wanted to do something nice for her to say "thank you for being so awesome and kind to my guy!"

I decided to bake cookies for all the therapists (they were very happy to see them! LOL) and Bubu made his OT a "thank you" card. I wrote the message inside and helped him "sign" it with a handprint, but he decorated the front all on his own! I gave him a crayon, a couple of markers, and Dot-a-Dot pen and all I did was help him grip them! He decided where to mark and how, and I think it turned out looking like an abstract Christopher Columbus ;) 

She was very happy for her card, and I'm very happy I was able to (in a very small way) thank everyone for the role they play in my son's progress :)

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