Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekly Progress Video #12

As always, please be sure to check out my YouTube channel if the video above cannot be viewed for whatever reason.

 I'd love to hear any paleo/GFCFSF birthday treat recipes you may want to share! I have a couple of weeks to experiment and see if Bu likes any of them :)

Also, the Preschool Prep DVDs I mention in the video are on sale at Zulily today! Check them out, we love the videos, apps and board books!

In this video:
*Bu is STILL sick!
*Having fantastic sessions! …except for "not favorite" PT (L)
*I'm shocked at how quickly he warmed up to his speech therapist! (D)…we were able to get all 3 sessions with her.
*Cutting down on screen time, replacing it with play!
*Encouraging play and interaction with the iPad rather than passive watching
*Bu knows his colors, numbers, shapes, letters!
*Process of elimination when answering…not great at test taking, but knows the material!
*Preparing for Bu's THIRD birthday!!!!!

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