Thursday, September 4, 2014

Weekly Progress Video #10

If the video above cannot be seen, please click HERE to watch it on YouTube.

I'd love any advice on potty-training a nonverbal child!…Even if the advice is "leave well enough alone for now" ;)

** I think I said my grandpa at some point…I meant my Dad, Bu's grandpa lol

** I also said butter, what I meant was ghee. Butter is NOT casein free!!!

In this video:
*SOMEONE can't keep his diaper on! LOL
*Using the fidget brush for anxiety
*So much good sleep!!! A whole week sleeping through the night!
*updates on B12 and GABA, plus we're out of biotin!
*responding to "look!" prompts
*a new food
*imitated a cartoon character on TV

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