Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gift ideas?

OMG you guys, I'm actually crying at the therapy center. I need advice.

My son's OT (our favorite therapist, the one who's been with us from the start) just got teary telling me how happy she is that he hugs her now (he hugged her again today when he saw her) and she told me that she knows he's on a special diet but she wanted to bring him a cupcake tomorrow since she wouldn't see him on his birthday. I told her in the sweetest way that I appreciate it SOOOO much, but we don't break his diet for anything. She said she'd make him a hat instead.

I'm heartbroken that she wanted to do something nice for him and I had to say no. I really want to do something for HER now to show how much I appreciate her, but I don't know what. What would be awesome without crossing any line or being inappropriate (because I don't want to make her uncomfortable, either).


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