Monday, June 30, 2014

Autism Vlog - Goals for July through December 2014

Just a little personal update on my son's diagnosis and what it means for the next 6 months of our lives ;)

I'd love to hear from any other parents in a similar position, or even ABA/OT/Speech professionals. Any and all advice is appreciated!

If you're having a hard time seeing the video above, you can click here to see it on YouTube.

The goals I have in mind for the next six months are:

*Behavior (ABA) Therapy
*Increase Occupational and Speech Therapies, and add Physical Therapy
*Start Homeschooling
*See a Nutritionist
*See a MAPS (Medical Academy of Pediatrics Special Needs) doctor
*Working on sensory tolerance
*Using utensils
*Commincating "yes" and "no"
*Bonus: kisses for Mommy LOL

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